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Raised countersunk head drilling screws round China drill tail screw

Product name:Raised countersunk head drilling screws round China drill tail screw    

Specializing in the production of self drilling screws, stainless steel tapping screws, self drilling screws, self tapping screws, stainless steel screw, inner six angle screws, special screws, carriage screws, rivets, machine screws, wood screws, drywall screws, drywall screws, nuts, etc..Material: stainless steel (SUS410, SUS302, SUS304, SUS316Product type: six angle flange, six angle Xiaohua, round our washers (PIT), round, flat (salad head, countersunk head), a horn head, Wei Hua head, gang hill, O first.Product specifications: 4# (2.9), 6# (3.5), 7# (3.9), 8# (4.2), 10# (4.8), 12# (5.5), 14# (6.3)The product the tooth size: M2.9-6.3Length: 8.5-250mmProduct features:Drilling screws from raw materials to finished products shipped to complete all from our internal 1, our production, strict quality requirements, 410 material products, after heat treatment, the screw surface hardness up to HV580, hardness is HV350-420 degree Center2, our production of 410 material #12 drill can drill of 6MM thick steel plate, and can be continuous drill 3 times, also can drill 304 stainless steel 5MM, #14 can be drilled 8MM plate, technology far beyond the level of domestic industry.3, our company developed 4 tail drill can drill 9MM plate, 5 drill 12MM plate, 6 15MM thick board drill4, our 410 material drill tail salt fog test can be 48 hours, up to 500 hours, our production of 304 self drilling screws to salt spray test can be reached 96 hours, can reach a maximum 2000 hour does not rust.Mobile phone: 13631140424 contact: Mr.

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